A Young Doctor’s Notebook

January 27, 2019

A Young Doctor’s Notebook Dr Bomgart reads the diary of his friend Dr Polyakov. One of the notebook`s stories describes the suffering of a drug-addicted man. Is there a single possible reality in that world? Does a person remember the inevitability of retribution for drug illusions?

The play at the Podil Theatre is based on Mykhailo Bulgakov’s series of short stories A Young Doctor’s Notebook. The writer portrayed the real cases that occurred in his medical practice, in a slightly modified form.

Podil Theatre

Author — Mykhailo Bulgakov,
director and production designer
 — Vitaly Malakhov

Run time: 73 minutes
Filmed: January 27, 2019
Location: Podil Theatre, Kyiv


Dr. Polyakov — Roman Khalaimov
Bomgart — Maxym Gruber
Psychiatrist — Artem Meus
Anna Kirillovna — Valentyna Sergeeva
Nurse Pelageya Ivanivna — Yulia Shevchenko
Paramedic — Cyrilo Karpuk
His father — Mykhailo Kryshtal
Anna Mykolayivna — Anna Tambova
Daughter — Natalia Rokytska