Alice’s Dream / DNIPRO GOGOLFEST. Part 2

September 29, 2019

A philosophical and musical parable from CCA DAKH. Directed by Vlad Troitsky. A show that is each time different.

Alice’s Dream is a bitter irony of oneself and a wonder at a world that is beautiful and sanctified by love in every movement.

She was haunted by a dream…
Abraham’s old fire ladder ascended to heaven.
Every night she climbed on it, dragging a huge suitcase to the sky…


The play by KLIM
Directed by Vlad Troitsky

Run time: 72 minutes
Filmed: September 29, 2019


Katrusya Petrashova, Marichka Shtrybulova, Nadiya Golubtsova, Marusya Ionova, Igor Mitalnikov, Andriy Palatny, Oleksandra Indyk, Volodymyr Rudenko, Ihor Dimov, Oleksandr Martynenko, Semen Kysly.