Anthracite. A musical about miners

Anthracite. A musical about miners
October 23, 2021

The play "Anthracite. Sustainability Day was created as part of the Mining House project, which is implemented by the NGO Touch Point in partnership with Grand Duke Films Limited and the Wild Theatre.

Alexey is an ordinary miner, he loses a close friend during an accident. He is tormented by remorse, he feels guilty. One day, during a holiday, miners take a joint photo, a camera flash lights up Oleksiy's eyes, and when he flattens them, it turns out that he is in the past. Shakhtar begins to move through time and intervene in events with the intention of changing the course of history.

Wild Theatre

Duration: 2 h 45 m
Filmed: 23 October 2021
Location: Kyiv

Pavlo Yurov, screenplay and direction

Vicki Thornton, screenplay and video

Kate Lane, costumes and scenery

Margarita Kulichova (Grisly Faye), music and sound

Starring: Natalka Kobizka, Nastya Kasilova, Oleksiy Dorychevsky, Roman Savchenko, Yevhen Chernikov, Ihor Aronov, Oksana Leuta, Nastya Metalnikova, Ruslan Hablo, Mykita Skrypka, Konstantin Kyrylenko, Artemy Alyokhin, Konstantin Trembovetsky

Musicians: Margarita Kulichova, Andriy Gazin, Oleksandr Ivancheskul