October 5, 2019

A play about a world where people do not believe in love. Imagine a place where love and sex have disappeared. They simply do not exist and that’s it.

There is no longer a division between women and men, children can be ordered like coffee in the machine, and a look in the eye for more than 3 seconds is considered obscene. Pornhub is now reviewing wicker baskets, and Tinder has sold its server of organic food. In the lessons of ancient history, they show a dildo as an artefact of the old primitive world. It was here that one day Sandy met Bento, one of the most successful students in the course “Sexual History of Mankind.”

Wild Theatre

Based on the play “Bento Bonchev’s Class” by Maxim Kurochkin

Director: Igor Bilyts
Artist: Taya Karas
Video projections / video mapping / wiring: Alina Kostikova, Mykola Marusyk
Costumes: Metasa
Translation of the play: Roman Gardashchuk
Producer: Yaroslava Kravchenko

Run time: 117 minutes
Filmed: October 1, 2019
Location: Scene 6, Kyiv


Sandy: Lee Berlinska, Elizabeth Tsilik
Bento: Gennady Vasylenko, Olexander Rudko
Thiers: Ruslan Gofurov, Dmytro Vovchuk
Cecilia: Anna Abramenok, Inna Bulbotko
Jeddah: Eismont Marina
Student: Yulia Litvinenko, Yulia Linnyk
Students: Slobodenyuk Nikita, Vadym Dotsenko