Barvins`ky. Back to Ukraine

October 10, 2020

The purpose of the project: to return the name of a great composer Vasyl Barvinsky from undeserved oblivion.

12 piano romances by Vasyl Barvinsky will be united in a play created by the best Ukrainian artists in Europe. Valery Bilchenko (Germany) became the director, Serhiy Kovalevych, known for his unique international projects at the intersection of theatre and music, created the text. The costumes were created by the legislator of Ukrainian fashion Petro Nesterenko, the visual image of the project belongs to one of the brightest modern artists Serhiy Savchenko. The sound is provided by the famous WestSound.

Slovo i GoloS Theatre Center

Idea: Natalia Polovynka
Symphony orchestra version by composer Bohdana Frolyak

Run time: 140 minutes
Filmed: October 10, 2020
Location: Lviv National Philharmonic, Lviv


Natalia Polovynka

Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Theodore Kukhar