November 5, 2018

A sitcom opera were written by Mozart at the age of 12. Staging as part of the Opera Weekend Chamber Opera Festival.

This is a comic story about two lovers who can’t understand each other. A cunning and wise acquaintance Kolas set to help them. The prototype of the character was the Viennese hypnotist Anton Mesmer, at whose request the opera was written. So the magic words of Kolas will unravel everything — digi-dagi, shury-mury, khorum-harum, lirum-larum. In the modern director’s interpretation, the events of the opera are identified with the film production.

Opera Weekend Chamber Opera Festival

Composer — Wolfgang Mozart
Directed by Dmitry Todoryuk
Costume designer — Svitlana Karpova

Run time: 54 minutes
Filmed: October 4, 2018
Location: Mala Opera, Kyiv


Bastiena — Daria Mykolenko
Bastien — Dmitry Foshchenko
Kolas — Olexander Kharlamov
Ballet: Halyna Hrynkiv, Bohdana Bondar, Myroslav Chernous