October 19, 2018

It is a play about women. About what irritates, pleases, depresses, devalues them, about their views of men and themselves, about how it could be, and about how it is. About where a woman’s place is in this world: bottom, top? Are there other options?

It’s time for you to get married! It’s time for you to get married immediately! Only then will you become real, protected, full, you will have the meaning of life. But for that, you need to learn to be a woman!

How to eat / drink / talk / what to wear / think / to know the famous and dreamed “female happiness”? We have a recipe, and only today our agency offers free trial courses on how to be happy!

This is where the characters Olya and Vira come to reveal their femininity and get rid of loneliness forever. But not all expectations come true, and not all colourful ads tell the truth…


Director — Julia Moroz
Playwright — Julia Tupikina

Timing: 72 minutes
Filmed: October 19, 2018
Location: Scene 6, Kyiv


Stepan Stepanovych Chubukov — Valery Shalyga
Natalia Stepanovna — Khrystyna Synelnyk
Ivan Vasyliovych Lomov — Oleksiy Vertynsky
The presenter — Petro Rusanenko