May 21, 2019

A performance produced be he Swiss theatre company Dyky Dushi (“Wild Souls”) and actress Madeleine Bongard. Bonus — a lively discussion between the author and the audience at the end of the video!

In this monologue based on Marguerite Duras’s sentences, the character M. tells about the universality of her life experience of family life and love relationships. Her recalls show up in the form of video projections on exquisite scenery, accompanied by electronic music. The heroine seems to be an echo of what sounds in her head. She tries to calm her overactive mind to restore the simple pleasure from movement. M.’s confession sounds like a call to enjoy life and cherish the ability to love.

Dyki Dushi (Wild Souls Theatre), Switzerland

Author: Madeleine Bongard

Run time: 104 minutes
Filmed: March 20, 2019
Location: CCA “DAKH”, Kyiv


Madeleine Bongard