November 5, 2018

An opera-joke based on the literary same-named masterpiece by Anton Chekhov. Performance within the framework of the Chamber Opera Festival “Opera Weekend”.

The composer’s opus was written in 1989 based on the literary same-named masterpiece by Anton Chekhov but has never been staged before.

After her husband’s death, the widow “with dimples on her cheeks” plunges into a state of sorrow and nostalgia and isolates herself from the world. Her solitude is disrupted by the unexpected visit of Smirnov’s creditor, who demands the immediate repayment of the deceased’s debt. The landlady’s refusal causes a protracted dispute, and the story ends quite unexpectedly!

Opera Weekend Chamber Opera Festival

Composer — Irina Gubarenko
Directed by Anton LitvinovCostume Designer — Polina Veller
Production designer — Sandra Krmajian

Timing: 45 minutes
Date of shooting: October 3, 2018
Shooting location: Mala Opera, Kyiv


Widow — Solomiya Priymak
Landlord — Dmitry Voronov
Butler — Sergiy Bortnyk
Pianist — Eugene Fomin