August 22, 2019

“Drama Queens” is an explosive mix of sci-fi and “Sex in the Big City” by Roman Shidlovsky, a guest director from Minsk, on the stage of the Actor Theatre.

There was a time they drank cheap wine and fed on hopes more than food. But today these girlfriends are women with a baggage of experience, mistakes and irony. Somebody dwell on dreams, somebody is an embodiment of common sense, but they all seek to get rid of loneliness and find personal happiness. One evening they gather in an apartment in the capital and learn that one of them is pregnant. The news not only became an impetus for unexpected revelations but also led to a fantastic (literally) finale.

Actor Theatre

Directed by: Roman Shidlovsky

Production designer: Tetyana Ovsiychuk

Run time: 93 minutes
Filmed: August 22, 2019
Location: Actor Theater, Kyiv


Anna — Elena Shudra
Diana — Natalia Pervushyna
Maryna — Anna Stepaniuk
Julia — Kateryna Vyshnevska
Olga — Tetiana Matyash