July 17, 2019

“Hooligan” is a result of the 16-day residency by British director Peter Kant and a team of Ukrainian actors at the Mystetskyi Arsenal (Art Arsenal). Organizational partners: Mystetskyi Arsenal, Culture Dridges, CCA “DAKH”.

The play is based on the personal story of actor Semyon Kisly, who as a teenager belonged to the community of football fans of Kharkiv’s “Metalist”, and John Milton’s poem “Paradise Lost”. It is a story of rebellion, disobedience, muscularity, struggle against an established system of values and any other system.

Directed by Peter Kant
Composer — Jessica Marion-Davis
Lighting artist — Natalka Perchyshena
Sound design — Olesya Onikienko
Stage-manager — Kateryna Andrienko
Coordinator of theatrical projects of the Mystetskyi Arsenal — Maria Voronchuk

Run Time: 105 minutes
Filmed: July 17, 2019
Location: Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv


Semen Kysly
Ihor Dimov
Mirra Zhuchkova
Olga Tsitsilinska
Sofia Baskakova
Volodymyr Rudenko
Pavlo Prymak
Kateryna Dioment
Oleksandra Indyk
Liora Kotlyar
Danylo Shramenko