October 21, 2019

The project explores and actualizes the problem of child abuse in a family

Every clue in the investigation found by the detective leads to another clue, but not to the disclosure of the crime…

The family conflict seemed to unfold for the detective, like stories he had only read in books. The investigation has reached a dead end: every member of the Gosling family takes the blame, only the mother of the family, Miranda, remains silent.

Sonyakh Theatre

Playwright — Konstantin Korf (Seattle, USA)
Directed by Oleksandr Zhuravel (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Run time: 90 minutes
Filmed: October 21, 2019
Location: Sonyakh Theatre, Rivne


Oleksiy Tytarenko, Kateryna Lapina, Artem Rudenko, Serhiy Artemenko, Olga Matyushok, Natalia Sukhorukova.