November 5, 2018

A mystical tragedy by the famous American composer Giancarlo Menotti. Opera is staging as part of the Opera Weekend Chamber Opera Festival.

“Love spell”, “charm for luck and success”, “cartomancy”, “fortune-telling”, “removal of curse and harassment” — this is not the whole list of services provided by Madame Flora. Clients are delighted with the miraculous sessions in her little “spiritualism theatre”. And they don’t even guess that all the “magic” of the Medium is a continuous bluff that the children Monica and Toby help her create. But one day something went wrong. The fortune-teller feels the presence of dark forces at the session…

Opera Weekend Chamber Opera Festival

Composer — Giancarlo Menotti
Directed by Oleksandr Spivakovsky
Production designer — Sandra Krmajian
Conductor — Konstantin Starovitsky
Costume designers — Lana Teslenko and Elena Maistra (2 L Factura)

Run time: 63 minutes
Filmed: November 4, 2018
Location: Mala Opera, Kyiv


Anastasia Polishchuk — Baba
Daria Mykolenko — Monica
Sergey Derun — Tobi
Olesya Matei — Madame Nolan
Roman Leszczow — Mr Gobinho
Inna Kalugina — Mrs Gobinho
Alexander Shevelyov — Spirit