Modern ballet premieres: "The Queen of Spades" and "The Wall"

Modern ballet premieres: "The Queen of Spades" and "The Wall"
October 25, 2021

Live streams in October 2021: premiere of Radu Poclitaru's ballet "The Queen of Spades" and premiere of the ballet "The Wall"

On October 13, the OpenTheatre hosted a live broadcast of Radu Poclitaru's new two-act ballet The Queen of Spades.

This is a completely different reading of classical history. Everything is new here, from the unusual musical basis (instead of Tchaikovsky's opera - his two symphonies) to the form: the content of the work is conveyed through the language of dance, impressive visual effects and skill of the actors.

Photo by Nastya Telikova

On October 25, OpenTheatre broadcasted the ballet The Wall, which embodies an extraordinary idea: to hear dance and see music.

The collaboration of choreographer Ilya Miroshnichenko and sound artist Oleg Shpudeyko (Heinali), borrowing plots from mythology, religion, history and personal experience, explores the archetype of the wall in its various manifestations. With the help of a reactive surface and a modular synthesizer, the Wall becomes a huge instrument that creates the melody of choreography.