Nazgul Shukaeva Quartet & Vlada Buchko «X»

August 24, 2020

Live webcast from Bouquet Kyiv Stage! Project "X" is a point of intersection of music, dance and different worldviews, conscious and unconscious, of the threads of people's destiny, their creative energy and impulses.

This is a unique musical collaboration of the Nazgul Shukaeva Quartet, pianist and composer Vladislava Buchko, the D’arts dance project, and the famous Kyiv theatre and film actress Kateryna Kisten.

Nazgul Shukaeva Quartet, Vladislava Buchko, D’arts dance project, Kateryna Kisten

The ideological inspirer of the project is Nazgul Shukaeva
Directed by Inna Shilova
Choreographic project D’arts Dance Project. Choreographer-director of the ballet - Daria Malikova.

Run time: 60 minutes
Filmed: August 24, 2020
Location: Sofia Kyivska, Kyiv


Nazgul Shukaeva - voice
Alexey Bogolyubov - keyboard
Valentyn Kornienko - double-bass
Alik Fantaev - drums
Special Quests of project X - Vladislava Buchko (composer, pianist, artist)
Honored Artist of Ukraine Kateryna Kisten.