Offended. Belarus

September 25, 2020

A joint project of the Wild Theatre and Art Arsenal: theatrical reading of the play "Offended. Belarus" by Belarusian author Andriy Kureichik.

The play by Belarusian author Andriy Kureichik is based on the latest real events in Belarus. The presentation of the text has already taken place in 10 countries and 40 theatres around the world. "Offended. Belarus" is a part of the drama trilogy "Offended". The other two parts, "Offended. Russia" and "Offended. Ukraine", came out earlier. 

Wild Theatre 

Directed by Maxim Golenko
Art director Yulia Zaulichna
Assistant Valeria Tyagun
Producer Yaroslava Kravchenko

Run time: 87 minutes
Filmed: September 25, 2020
Location: Art Arsenal, Kyiv


Vitaliy Azhnov, Rimma Zyubina, Valeria Khodos, Oleksandr Yarema, Kateryna Bashkina, Vova Gladky, Andriy Khlyvnyuk (Boombox)