Postdrama Theatre

October 27, 2019

The topic: post-dramatic theatre. How to choose between a “site-specific performance” and an “interactive quest” on a ticket sales site? What the hell is the difference? What is “immersion” and “post-drama” in reality? Is a “promenade around Kyiv” a special tour or something else?

In the “Strong Performative” series of videos, theatre critic Lena Mygashko talks about current trends and terminology of the European theatre space. This space is quite a terra incognita for the audience in Ukraine. We hope it will help you to understand exactly what you have come across, and when the definition in advertising is beside the point.


Hans-Ties Lehmann “Post-Drama Theatre”

Elinor Fuchs “The Death of Character: Perspectives on Theatre after Modernism”
Neklyudova’s text about Bidan
Viktor Vilsov “We are all sick”
Yuri Barboy “Theatre and the problems of post-drama”
Keti Chukhrov “Why the theatre cannot be modern”