Rusalka ХХІ

June 17, 2021

Rusalka ХХІ ("Mermaid XXI") is a rethinking of Andersen's fairy tale "Mermaid" from the standpoint of environmental problems

The world of performance is the polluted ocean, fish and animals that eat plastic. Silent resistance to nature, which does not understand what is happening.

With the help of a children's fairy tale, the authors turn to the viewer with questions that not everyone wants to answer.
Is everyone responsible for the ecological state of the planet?
What will be the Mermaid of our century? Why will it enter the world of people today?
And who will become the Prince?
Is there a chance to save the Mermaid in such conditions?

Age restrictions: 16+

The stream is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Creative team

Author of the idea and director: Anastasia Verveyko

Set designer: Maria Krutogolova

Playwright: Alex Wood

Composer: Yana Shlyabanska

Choreographer: Svitlana Oleksyuk

Lighting artist: Serhiy Ogrudnytsky

Duration: 1 h 40 m.
Date: 13 June 2021
Filmed: Kyiv


The last mermaid: Anastasia Zurkalova

Prince: Igor Ivanov

Older sister and Oil witch: Polina Snisarenko-Kulchytska

Musician: Diana Shpilova

Vocalists: Ruslana Kadkalenko and Olena Pinkovska