October 30, 2018

Relationships, intertwining and collisions, the dissimilarity of people and their worlds. Having found ourselves in the reflection of another person, together we are ready to go upstairs.

Modern ballet from the independent association of creative baza. art people.

House in the dark. The stairs, like the Tower of Babel, go up — into the blue. The character in a warm knitted sweater brings a lantern to the stage. He seemed to be lost on a European street with rusty signs and labyrinths of alleys. A thousand roads. Thousands of addresses. Here is the mailbox. What to enter in the field “Address”?

Baza. art people theatre

Idea, choreography, staging — Kateryna and Anatoliy Vodzyansky

Timing: 41 minutes
Filmed: October 29, 2018
Location: Young Theater, Kyiv


Kateryna Bysheva, Andriy Chaplyk, Anatoliy Vodzyansky, Halyna Kondratyuk, Dmytro Kondratyuk, Daria Sudak.