Still humans

October 4, 2020

German-Ukrainian project by the Sixth Floor Theatre Research Institute, the Wild Theatre and the Hamburg Playstation Theatre.

Imagine 2049. Everything has changed. The world is run by a system that punishes all those who do not follow the rules. People are insignificant. Robots are the best. Somewhere, former farmers and waiters are hiding in the bushes and forests, a postman lives in an old abandoned house without windows on the outskirts of Kyiv. At what point did humanity cross its level of development and people became unnecessary? Are we ready to let into our world the machines that will decide for us?

Ukrainian post reality meets German. The project is based on dozens of verbatim with people of different professions (waiters, conductors, employees of sex shops and ritual agencies, farmers, cashiers, call centre operators) of the two different countries.

Wild Theatre, Sixth Floor Theatre Research Institute, Playstation Theatre (Hamburg)

author — Pavlol Arie
director — Natasha Sivanenko
artist — Tatiana Ovsiychuk

Run time: 120 minutes
Filmed: October 4, 2020
Location: Scene 6, Kyiv


Oleksiy Dorychevsky, Marina Serdeshnyuk, Oleg Korkushko, Esther Bart, Anna Holtermann, Christian Sabish