Way Home

June 17, 2021

Stream of Vlad Troitsky' site-specific performance

The special event "Way Home" was created especially for Mariupol on the highway H-20 Mariupol-Donetsk. This is a unique project of GOGOLFEST, which is a reflection on a vital topic for Ukraine.

However, the emphasis is not on war and pain, but on the theme of peace: what unites all, what gives us hope - the joint construction of a home and the development of a bright future, common dreams and the beginning of modern, new mythology.

Musical accompaniment is provided by the ethno-house band Dakhabrakha. Live folk compositions about the  joys and sorrows of the Ukrainian people are closely intertwined with the meanings of the performance.

The special event is implemented within the project of cultural and artistic initiatives "Dialogue in the language of art" with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.